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Nov 2012 – AAFFN Panel at Reel Connections Film Lab, Brisbane

Thanks to everyone who supported the AAFFN panel here on Saturday 17 November for the Reel Connections Film Lab, supported by BEMAC, Griffith Film School, QPIX, White Light Studio, Krabi Studios, The Planet Spins, Australia Thailand Institute.









Saturday 17 November – right in the middle of the huge Brisbane storm.

That’s dedication : )

Queensland Multicultural Centre
Conference Room, Level 2, 102 Main Street, Kangaroo Point

Our panel was on at 1.30pm and featured Joy Hopwood (actor, director, writer & presenter), Dr Sukhmani Khorana (BIFF committee, Film scholar, AAFFN), & Dr Indigo Willing OAM (AAFFN & sociologist), plus a screening of 13 peers in the screen community speaking about why it’s important to have Asian Australians on the Screen in the AAFFN Shout Outs video by Maria Tran (co-producers Maria Tran, Amadeo Marquez-Perez, Tseen Khoo & Indigo Willng)!

Photo: Dr Sukhmani Khorana, Joy Hopwood and Dr Indigo Willing OAM.













Video features in order of appearance:
Andy Trieu, Actor –
Ralph Lim, V-logger
Joy Hopwood, Actor, Writer, Presenter –
Sky Crompton, Writer, Director, Producer –
Maria Tran, Actor, Filmmaker, Trainer –
Somchay Phakonkham, Fimmaker –
Thai Phuong, Actor –
Steve Nguyen*, Channel APA, USA –
Renee Lim, Actor –
Chris Pang, Actor –
Kathy Nguyen, Actor –
Shaun Chang, Filmmaker
Quan Tran, Filmmaker –
Pearl Tan, Actor, Filmmaker –
Heng Tang, Director –
Jack Ngu, Filmmaker, Actor –
Tamara Guo, Actor, Stunts, Singer –
Hai Ha Le, Actor –
Dominic Golding, Theatre Artist, Doco Maker –
Jiao Chen, Filmmaker –
Jen Thym, Director, Writer, Producer –
Indigo Willing, Academic, AAFFN co-founder & co-convener –