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MARCH 2012: Online launch of special PERIL issue on Asian Australian Film Forum & Network (AAFFN)!

Today is the online launch of special PERIL issue on the Asian Australian Film Forum & Network (AAFFN)!

Please check out the link below to read and share stories on Asian Australian screen scene:


Articles include from our 2011 keynote speaker Annette Shun Wah, plus also included are Maria Tran (Quest for Jackie Chan director, Once Upon A Time in Cabramatta researcher), PJ Madam (SBS TV News), Christopher Pang (Tomorrow, When the War Began) and Andy Minh Trieu (Kitchen Ninja, Channel 9) and many more.

Special thank you to the PERIL Team and especially issue editor Lian Low plus Tseen Khoo, Owen Leong, Hoa Pham and everyone who worked with AAFFN, including our inaugural event volunteers including Matt Pastor, Jacqueline Erasmus, Carlos & Nuria Marquez-Perez, speakers, filmmakers, advisory committee, the AASRN, our chief sponsor, as well as SBS, Madman, Village, Titan View, CAE, KOFFIA, Gung Ho Productions, and more all listed here.

Best wishes,

Indigo Willing & Amadeo Marquez-Perez

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