AAFFN acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this country, past, present and future, elders and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples past and present.


Asian Australian Film Forum & Network (AAFFN)
Based nationwide. Founded 2011.

Who’s Involved:

Social Media / Admins (Current):

Dr Indigo Willing OAM

Dr Sukhmanhi Khorana

Founding Team:

Dr Indigo Willing OAM, Co-Founder and Academic/Community/Social Media

Dr Sukhmanhi Khorana, Co-Convener and Academic/Industry

Amadeo Marquez-Perez, Co-Founder and Industry/Film Festival Advisor

Dr Tseen Khoo, Co-Founder and Academic


Visit our page here.

Found out more about our team here.


A network dedicated to showcasing the Asian Australian screen scene and community news. Based on Aboriginal Land.


The Asian Australian Film Forum and Network (AAFFN) is a volunteer run network that aims to showcase Asian Australian films and screen talent both on and behind the screen, including Asian Australian actors, producers, directors, writers, screen artists and film scholars. Additionally, we support and promote inclusive spaces and generate cross-over dialogues and broader exchanges of knowledge and ally ship.  In particular, the creative, academic and community knowledge of Indigenous Australians.

Special thank you to Matt Huynh for our official artwork ‘Lion Dancers’ and ‘Audience’.

Image: AAFFN event, November 2011, Melbourne.

Inaugural Event in 2011

Read more about our inaugural event in 2011 here.


All images used for blog interviews are kindly supplied by the interviewees and credit is given to photographers when made available.  AAFFN is a volunteer project and makes no profits. Material in this blog is to promote Asian Australians and diversity in the spirit of community.  If there is a credit missing or you have any enquiries please email us.

  1. What an excellent birthday present! Very exciting, and I will finally get a chance to see Mother Fish!

  2. Glad you are coming along Timothy! The AAFF team.

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