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Twitter at: @AAFFN


AAFFN Key Team Members:

  • Dr Indigo Willing OAM, Academic, Blog Writer, Content Creator (Web & Social Media) & Co-Convener
  • Mr Amadeo Marquez-Perez, Film Festivals and Events Programmer, & Co-Convener
  • Dr Sukhmani Khorana, Academic, Film & Media Studies & Co-Convener
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AAFFN co-conveners Dr Sukhmani Khorana, Dr Indigo Willing OAM and Mr Armadeo ‘Armi’ Marquez-Perez

  1. Andy pliz give me ur fone number, remember im the girl u hangout with at the power house museum and we took photos, ill send u the photos wen u give me ur number. Myn is 0499027554

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