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AAFFN’s 10th anniversary in 2021

Hard to believe it’s coming up to the AAFFN’s 10th anniversary this November, 2021. To celebrate have a look with us and spot the familiar faces in this AAFFN Launch Video directed in 2011 by Maria Tran and produced by AAFFN co-founder Dr Indigo Willing with support from Dr Tseen Khoo from AASRN.

We are super stoked have featured actor Chris Pang before he was cast in Crazy Rich Asians, plus screen presenter, martial artist and actor Andy Trieu who, with his signature charm and comedy, offered some very sound advice. Also see more uplifting and positive insights in the video offered many other actors, directors and screen professionals who have achieved many ‘firsts’ and opened many doors for other Asian Australians creatives and academis. Keep supporting us please at Asian Australian Film Forum & Network (AAFFN) and especially on twitter @AAFFN where we continue to cover community achievements and activities regularly.

Video summary: The creative visions, experiences, advice and ‘real talk’ about why it’s important to have Asian Australians active on and behind the screen:

AAFFN Launch Video
Chris Pang in 2011 AAFFN Launch Video