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APRIL 2012 – Screen Busy Business!

What a busy month April was and how exciting May looks so far!

This includes Colour Film Festival director Gary Paramanathan interviewing AAFFN’s Dr Indigo Willing, who co-convenes with Amadeo Marquez-Perez on why diversity on the screen is a beautiful thing!

Others in the Colour Film Festival interviews include Shinen Wong, a Malaysian, Buddhist, Queer and Melbournian artist, Aisha Kamara, an actor and filmmaker and more.

Visit Colour FF on FB to check out all the series!

Other news:

The world premiere of Colin the Dog’s Fabulous Midnight Adventure will be on Saturday 26 May at 9pm at The Astor Theatre in Melbourne. Writer: Julie Koh; Producer Jiao Chen.

Corrie Chen is a finalist for the QANTAS Spirit of Youth award. Make sure you cast a vote!

Well done to Kitchen Ninja Andy Minh Trieu who has been in numerous projects this month including making the finals of CLEO Bachelor of the Year!

Deadside, an Australian online web series with multicultural cast including Andy Minh Trieu, and with event photography on their FB page by Quan Tran, is now available for free online.

The Newtown Girls, also a web series featuring Renee Lim and Khanh Trieu amongst others, is available online to check out.

Agony Uncles featuring Lawrence Leung, Sam Pang and more made a debut.

Nammi Le features in a film that had a mini preview in Sydney April 3 – to read more visit “Careless Love” (directed by John Duigan) – the story of Linh, a  Vietnamese-Australian.

In Sydney Maria Tran’s BREADSHOP screened at the Multicultural Arts Forum.

All up a very busy month for Asian Australians on and behind the screen! We can’t wait to see what will go on in May! Got news to share? Visit our own AAFFN FB page and let us know what you’re up to.