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Skateboarding in the city – affirmative: A Brisbane documentary

A documentary by Kane Stewart and The Bayskate about Bris. skateboarding premiered at Tribal Theatre, and can now be seen online. Video features veteran and contemporary skaters and members of the Brisbane scene such as Scott Shearer, Ben Ventress, Ben Hammond, Dennis Durrant, Pat Gemzik, Joel McKilroy, Nick Law, Alex Lawton, Joel Wilshere and more, opinions from public and a brief interview with sociologist Indigo Willing, AAFFN co-founder and co-convener. Supporting skateboarding, all ages, all types, all levels and all backgrounds, as part of the city, not kept apart from it:

Persian Film Festival Official Selection

Congratulations to the team of Persian International Film Festival, including AAFFN co-convener, Amadeo Marquez-Perez.


Air date Sunday 16 June for Time Of Our Lives … Props to Michelle Vergara Moore and team

Kitchen Whiz with Kitchen Ninja Andy Minh Trieu on air

Are you watching Andy’s latest moves on Kitchen Whiz as Kitchen Ninja? We’ll let you in…he is the awesome!

Kitchen ninja

Official website:

Tình Rồng | Dragon Love Song, Long Tran ft. Jai

Maria Tran and co have been filming an MV for Tình Rồng | Dragon Love Song at Cabramatta. Check out a preview here.

Daft Punk launch in Wee Waa

We loved every video from Tokyo Love In’s Mike Chin and his collaborators in their work for the Daft Punk launch in NSW’s country town of Wee Waa!

See all at ROAD TO WEE WAA:

Made In Australia by Matt Pastor

Trailer – film to debut at festivals soon.

Lawrence Leung gonna knock you out…

It’s not come back, Lawrence Leung has been around for years…thank goodness he keeps coming back.

This time, to unpack reality programs.  Looking forward to it!

Asian Female 25-35 Actors – MINORITY BOX by Pearl Tan

Which minority group would you like to see featured? Let’s get the conversation cranking!