AAFFN supports Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter in the USA, globally and also locally and it is important to identify and dismantle systemic racism and enduring forms of colonialism at all levels of society and big institutions.

We have been regularly re-tweeting and sharing petitions, fundraisers and protests on our Twitter @aaffn to direct Asian Australians in our community to listen to and support First Nations communities, activists, health professionals, psychologists and academics sharing about related issues. It is also good to remember that so many have been behind us during the corona virus racism and as refugees and more, including from First Nations and African Australian leaders and community groups. We are thankful and dedicated to anti-racism, pushing for justice and offering solidarity and support, while also acknowledging we are on unceded Aboriginal Land. We may not always get it right but that’s no excuse to not do the work, listen, learn, and then do more work.

We also urge our community to follow First Nations media, journalists and writers to educate and communicate support to end systemic racism at all levels. The below is just a glimpse and in no way a comprehensive list:

Indigenous X

98.9FM Brisbane

ABC’s Bridget Brennan. on ABC’s The Insiders here

Associate Professor Chelsea Bond on The Drum here

Meyne Wyatt monologue from his play City of Gold on ABC’s QandA here

Associate Professor Sandy O’Sullivan has also provided a comprehensive list of articles written by Indigenous experts from various professions and academic fields on their Twitter account here and they then added more on FB here

Other sources (there are many more):

ABC Indigenous


Black Deaths Inside Database and Story in the Guardian

Sisters Inside


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