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8 Years of AAFFN! Throwback Video to Celebrate our 8th Anniversary

Hard to believe it’s coming up to the AAFFN’s 8th anniversary this November, 2019. To celebrate have a look with us and spot the familiar faces in this AAFFN Launch Video directed in 2011 by Maria Tran and produced by AAFFN co-founder Dr Indigo Willing with support from Dr Tseen Khoo.

Note Chris Pang before he was a Crazy Rich Asian 🙂 plus Andy Trieu even back then with real talk and good advice & heaps more goodness from some of the hardest working Asian Australian creatives and academics in the biz. Keep supporting us please at Asian Australian Film Forum & Network (AAFFN) and on twitter @AAFFN

AAFFN Launch Video

Chris Pang in 2011 AAFFN Launch Video