Happy holidays!!!





Whatever your holidays are like culturally, we wish you a wonderful time with good people and keep holding on to your creatives and community dreams. Looking forward to covering more news and doing more interviews and pop-up events in 2014!

The Asian Australian Film Forum (AAFFN) – Twitter @AAFFN had a great year, including plenty of news to share on social media + we were also fortunate to highlight lots of interesting stories – all belonging to awesome people and looking forward doing to more in 2014:

Khanh Trieu

Thai Phuong

Aileen Huynh – George Dot Play

Somchay Phakonkham.

Matt Pastor.


Lam Laun

& Dr Sukhmani Khorona’s pieces on:

– Theatre/Writing:

Interview with Chris Raja about ‘The First Garden’ by Sukhmani Khorana (March 2013) http://http//asianaustralianfilmforum.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/interview-with-chris-raja-writer-teacher-and-playwright/

– Academic/Conferences:

Reflections on Gondwanalandings: Towards a diasporic imagination in Australia by Sukhmani Khorana (October 2013)https://asianaustralianfilmforum.wordpress.com/2013/10/23/gondwanalandings-towards-a-diasporic-imagination-in-australia/

AAFFN is completely volunteer run.

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