In Our Community – An interview with Lam Luan, Kung Fu teacher, Brisbane




Lam Luan

Lam Luan is the founder of The Lam Tu Luan Lion Dance, Dragon Dance & Kung Fu School. With a team of all ages and backgrounds, the school has performed at many local & international festivals & events. You would have seen many at Lunar New Year celebrations and Asian festivals around Brisbane and sometimes in combination with interstate performers, across the country and overseas.


Dragon and lion dancing. From school website.

Luan is also from Vietnam, and has mentored youth from all kinds of backgrounds, and has given them a sense of direction from sometimes difficult situations.  Most of all, he generates good, positive energies through his school, entertaining all Australians and sharing the beauty of lion dancing and wisdom of kung fu to all interested.

Luan also lives in the Bay area in Brisbane where he has a restaurant in Cleveland.



Sifu Lam with two of his students, Louise Pham and Angela Duong

The mission of the Lam tu Luan Kung Fu school is to teach the youth of today the values from previous generations such as respect, discipline and charity, while encouraging them to accept new views in order to break down the barriers of prejudice.

The School will teach them the way of kung fu which will put them on the path to higher self-esteem, fitness and a sense of pride for their own culture and community, while developing a greater understanding of others.


Luan generously took the time to chat with AAFFN co-founder Dr Indigo Willing OAM (who is also born in Vietnam and resettled in Australia) about his school, his favourite films and some of his favourite memories of Australia.  This video is just a glimpse into his life and Luan would like to make a documentary about his school, his experiences and the students he mentors. Interested filmmakers are encouraged to contact him at: Address:
Griffith University
Nathan Campus, Upper Mt Gravatt
Nathan Sports Centre N36
Recreation Road QLD 4122,Australia

Phone: 0418 889 133

E Mail:

Interview by AAFFN’s Indigo Willing as part of the new ‘In Our Community’ mini-doco series of interviews where we speak to a wide range of people in the community about various Asian Australians stories and experiences. 

UPDATE: Invitation for people to join new classes are now open for 2015.



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