This was 2012

Our key activities and events in 2012 include:

January 2012, SYDNEY

– ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ Meet Up Series:  A casual ‘pop up’ meeting of AA creatives. At MEET FRESH in Chinatown, Sydney January 2012 (read post-meet up summary here)

March 2012, ONLINE

– Launch of PERIL magazine’s special issue on the AAFFN (read by visiting issue on March 2012)

September 2012, BRISBANE

– ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ Meet Up Series:  Meet up Sunday 23 September at The QLD State Library Coffee Shop. Meet up to coincide with Colour FF (The Edge, QLD State Library 22 September -post-meet up summary here).

October 2012, MELBOURNE

– ‘Cheap and Cheerful’ Meet up Series: A casual ‘pop-up’ meeting for AA creatives & peers. Joint AASRN & AAFFN, Melbourne Central – Chillipadi Sunday 21 October  – post-meet up summary here).

November 2012, BRISBANE

– FILM LAB TALK – Saturday November 17th , 1.30pm AAFFN panel talk with Joy Hopwood, Dr Sukhmani Khorana and Dr Indigo Willing OAM at Reel Connection’s Film Lab held at BEMAC. Free event. Read more here.

For our ‘Cheap and Cheerful Meet Up Series’, AAFFN welcomes sponsorship, pop-up ideas, and hosts (film schools, galleries, co-ops, bookstores) for our refreshing, fun, creative, mobile and casual meet ups. Thank you to our previous hosts including CAE Melbourne & Gallery 4A .


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