May 2012 – News on upcoming AA films

So May has been a busy month for Asian Australians with so many trailers coming out, we’ve had a hard time choosing which one to showcase.

For Evie

We decided on ‘For Evie’ for its very talented and beautiful Rachel Jessica Tan’s originality, the clip’s vibrancy, and our admiration for Alfredo Nicdao (who play’s the father of Tan’s character). Nicdao is a long serving Filipino Australian actor and from reflecting on our own AAFFN experiences with him, a truly great and giving person to work with.

“For Evie” is a short film that follows Evie’s journey as she deals with the loss of her father. The film takes a nostalgic look at a daughter’s relationship with her father through those crucial moments of growing up. It is through their love of playing the guitar that eventually brings them both closer to each other. Set against the backdrop of Melbourne, Australia and Singapore, the film explores intercultural themes intertwined with music and art. The film will be entered into Australian and international film festivals on on its completion.

Colin the Dog’s Fabulous Midnight Adventure 

The world premiere of Colin the Dog’s Fabulous Midnight Adventure will be on Saturday 26 May at 9pm at The Astor Theatre in Melbourne. Keep an eye out for future dates.

Written  Julie Koh; produced by Jiao Chen

Horse Feathers

Horse Feathers will be an emotionally charged film set in the lower echelons of the suburban Sydney horse racing scene and it will challenge every perception we have of the so-called “Sport of Kings”.

Written & directed by Tim Russell

Produced by Jiao Chen.

Jiao began his career in film by crewing on several feature films, TV series and TV commercials. His production credits include: “Children of The Silk Road”, “Hunt Angels”, “Justice League of America”,“Mao’s Last Dancer”, “East of Everything 2”, “Rescue Special Ops” and numerous TV commercials. After establishing a solid background in physical production, Jiao trained as a producer under some of the industry’s best and is now developing a slate of his own stories for the big and small screens. Furthermore,he recently completed two short films with award winning directors and has produced music videos for major record labels. When not working on his slate, Jiao assesses scripts for distributors, production companies and investors.

Corrie Chen finalist in Spirit of Youth QANTAS Awards

Corrie was a finalist for the QANTAS Spirit of Youth award.

The link is below.

Colour of change, a short film.

By Joy Hopwood.

Created to open people’s minds about diversity, racism and raising awareness for cancer.

Workshop by Performance 4A

Performance 4a is presenting a Storytelling Workshop. It is being led by pioneering Asian Australians William Yang and Annette Shun Wah. Great things happen, your ideas could become an important part of screen history. More

Bollywood Star

Melbourne’s Akim Dev is producing: Bollywood Star on SBS at 7:30 Saturday 2 June

Grace Huang ft. in film with Russell Crowe

Read about Asian Australian’s Grace Huang’s involvement in an upcoming Russell Crowe movie:

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